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Fixion Tour 2017

Name of the newest Album:

Fixion Tour 2017
Kaufleuten, Zurich:


Following the release of Trentemøller’s fourth full-length album "Fixion" he will tour Europe and North America.

In 2007 Trentemøller assembled his first full live band and has since played more than 300 shows around the world.
The Fixion Tour begins January 19th in Amsterdam and ends in Washington March 26th. It will take Anders and his band to no less than 48 cities in 19 countries.

Trentemøller is known for his unique live shows, both musically and visually, and this time is no exception. His 5 piece band consist of:

Anders Trentemøller: Keys, Percussion
Jakob Hoyer: Drums
Jakob Falgren: Bass, Synth
Jeppe Brix Sørensen: Guitar, Synth
Marie Fisker: Vocal, Guitar, Synth
Swedish artist Andreas Emenius, who is also responsible of the album artwork, and the director of 3 videos for the singles from “Fixion”, has designed the stage
Copenhagen based musician Anders Trentemøller´s talent for heart wrenching melodic moments and exceptional productions, fused with his trademark sound somewhere between indie and electronic, has established him as one of the most respected and admired artists of this century. In 2006 Trentemøller released his groundbreaking debut album ‘The Last Resort’. High placements in several polls for best album of the year followed and established his name to a broader audience.
‘Into The Great Wide Yonder’ in 2010 and ‘Lost’ in 2013 followed “The Last Resort” and in September Trentemøller released his fourth album ‘Fixion’ on his own label “In My Room”.

With ‘Fixion’, Anders has crafted a logical successor to 2013’s ‘Lost’ - a record that in many ways managed to truly capture the visceral live experience of Trentemøller as a live band. In much the same manner that ‘Lost’ built on from the somber cinematic classic that was ‘Into The Great Wide Yonder’, ‘Fixion’ has embraced the Danish artist’s trademark melancholy and matured it into something uniquely melodic and darkly romantic.
Rather than attempting to completely reinvent himself, Anders has used his latest outing as an opportunity to highlight certain granular aspects of his signature sound and refine them into a much more organic - and at times perhaps more song-driven body of work. It’s a record that on first listen may seem less detailed but, as you’ll know by now, with Trentemøller, one should never be fooled by initial impressions. It’s the kind of record that will over time repeatedly unlock new intricacies and offer the listener an opportunity to understand the work differently upon each listen.
The album is still notably driven by the producer and multi-artist’s passion for experimentation and effortlessly succeeds in transcending a swathe of influences and unassuming genres­­ - yet all the while holding true to Trentemøller’s unique, and sometimes challenging vernacular. From the cascading minimalist synth-scapes to driving electro-punk, each and every track on ‘Fixion’ is bound together with a contemplative melodic complexity.