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Mountain Men
Black Market Flowers

Name of the newest Album:

Black Market Flowers

Album appearance date:

18 November 2016

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Since 2009, two studio albums, two lives and over 500 concerts in France and internationally.
Mountain Men have made their mark as a live act not to be missed. Although the blues was their original meeting point, Mountain Men naturally moved beyond ordinary labels to become a melting pot of blues, rock, folk and pop.
Carried by the intoxicating voice of Mr Mat and Barefoot ianos free flying harmonica, groove and emotion are the dominant features of their music. These two offbeat, charismatic characters transport us, from laughter to goosebumps, with joyous energy and communicative enthusiasm. In concert, prestigious festivals such as Jazz à Vienne, Nancy Jazz Pulsations, to legendary halls such as l’Olympia, standing ovations are the norm.
With this, their third album, Mountain Men continue to open new ground. If « AGAINST THE WIND » finds Mountain Men moving toward new horizons, their driving force remains the same : intensity, heart felt emotions such as love, anger, joy, or sadness, no holds barred, intimate and raw...acoustic and electric mix this time ; light and dark become one. 3 songs in French add yet another new color to their music, already so particular, as well as their magnificent cover of « Georgia on my mind ».
With this new album, Mountain Men continue to expose themselves, and show us what it means « to march against the wind »