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Nelly Furtado I LP I Matt Simons
Nelly Furtado I LP I Matt Simons
Zermatt Unplugged, Zermatt:

On sale on Monday 19th December 2016

The Marquee:


Her career has spanned two decades, reaching every part of the globe. Five albums. Over 16+ million records sold worldwide. Her name is Nelly Furtado, and the Grammy Award-winning, chart-topping luminary is back like she never left. Get ready for The Ride.
The year was 2013 when Nelly Furtado made a concerted effort to take a well-deserved hiatus from the spotlight. Her fifth studio album The Spirit Indestructible gave way to a world tour that stretched from winter of 2012 through summer of 2013. It was time to take a break.
The result is a bold comeback project, signifying the return of an artist who lives unapologetically and is geared to bring everyone back on The Ride with her. Having global accolades and a music career that is nothing short of legendary, Nelly Furtado has indeed been on quite a ride. However, for her, that isn’t always about hopping on, but getting back off. It’s where her inspiration lives and she feels most at home. “It’s okay to maybe get off The Ride once in a while,” she says, “and reflect on everything you’ve experienced.”

The Alex:


Sometimes, the songs know before the songwriter does. That was certainly the case with LP's newest release, 'Death Valley,' a heartrending collection mined from the deepest reaches of her subconscious. Without fully realizing it at the time, the New York native was grappling with the fallout from a crumbling relationship in her music, putting together the pieces and learning to navigate a trying time of loss and struggle before she'd actually even embarked on the journey. Perhaps that’s the humility speaking (LP is, after all, a remarkably hard worker, constantly bouncing between her own breakout career as an artist and the cadre of stars who count on her inimitable perspective as a writer), but the idea that songs can write themselves is central to 'Death Valley.' This was music that poured out of her before she knew what it was about, before she lived through the heartbreak and pain and ultimate redemption that inspired it. The songs on 'Death Valley' may have known what was coming before LP did, but you don't need to be clairvoyant to see the future awaiting an artist this charismatic and gifted.  



Even without a record label or traditional backing, Matt Simons has already been heard around the globe. After being noticed from a Facebook ad he created for his independent album Pieces, the song “With You” received a high-profile 2013 placement on one of the biggest Dutch soap operas. Before the Northern California-born and Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter knew it, he began selling out shows in Europe and was serving as guest judge on the Netherlands X- Factor, while “With You” went platinum in Holland and earned the unofficial title of the country’s “most played funeral song.” His 2015 single “Catch & Release” and its (Deepend Remix) have proven he’s got songs for more than one occasion. The remix has gone #1 on Spotify’s Viral charts in 10 countries, peaking at #16 on the Global Viral chart. It hit the Top 200 on iTunes in 28 countries, racked up 10 million Soundcloud plays, achieved a gold certification in Holland, and was added into rotation at SiriusXM Chill. Cumulative Spotify plays between both versions exceed 8 million and counting. Meanwhile, the remixed version hit #1 twice on HypeMachine. As the track caught fire, Republic Records signed Matt and gave it a formal release.