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Thomas Dybdahl
What's Left Is Forever

Name of the newest Album:

What's Left Is Forever

Album appearance date:

24 February 2017

Website Artist:


Mascotte, Zurich:


Thomas Dybdahl has
added the final touches to his 7th solo album "The Great Plains" in Propeller Studio in Oslo.


The album will be released on 24 February 2017, four years after "What's Left Is Forever" debuted on top of the Norwegian sales charts and was nominated for a Grammy in the US.


This time, Thomas has worked with producer Kåre Vestrheim and songwriters Ingrid Helene Håvik (Highasakite), Nina Nielsen, Øystein Greni, David Baerwald and David Poe.


The band on the album consists of Nikolai Eilertsen (BIGBANG, Elephant9) on bass, Pål Hausken (In The Country, Monica Heldal) on drums and Thomas Dybdahl and Kåre Vestrheim on guitars and keyboards.


The first single from the album "3 Mile Harbor" released in January 2017.



"I've been lucky enough to get write with some of my favorite musicians on this album and I cannot wait until February to share this music and go on tour with these wonderful songs. The songs on this album are mostly about being in a place in life where you suddenly have time to look in the mirror and into yourself, only to discover that you almost do not recognize the man looking back at you. Songs about the realization that you don’t know as well as you thought, songs about childhood, family and songs about those moments, that in their wake, you can clearly see what was important for everything that came afterward. "

- Thomas Dybdahl