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We are a band of six people from Zermatt formed in 2011. After covering a lot of songs from different genres we began writing and found our own style which is quite versatile.

Each bandmember composes, so any of us can come up with an idea on which we work all together to make it  a „Wintershome Song“

Our music sounds like Pop, Folk and Rock and we also have some slow ballads. The special thing about our music is the variety of vocals. In our songs we also put a lot of value on the lyrics in which we mostly talk about faith, love and touching stories influenced by family, home, nature and the joy of life.

We have known each other since we were children and we`ve all grown up with music although no one of us has ever learned an instrument by a teacher but learned it by doing.

We are: Rebecca Graven (drums, guitar, vocals), Pirmin Zurbriggen (piano,guitar, vocals), Elia Zurbriggen (bass guitar, accordion, vocals), Romaine Müller (guitare, lead vocals), Joel Müller (guitare, lead vocals),  Maria Zurbriggen (lead vocals)

We played our very first Gig in August 2014 in our hometown Zermatt. From then on we were part of some festivals such as Zermatt Unplugged in April 2015 (discovery stage), Closing Day 150 Years festival in July 2015 (supporting act for Patent Ochsner) and Zermatt Unplugged Kaufleuten Zürich in October 2015 and once again in Zermatt fort the Zermatt Unplugged Festival 2016 (New Talent Stage). Besides this we had a couple of small independent Gigs around Switzerland such as Bern, Schaffhausen or Zurich.

In October we released our first EP with three songs and presented our first video clip of the song „Take me out“

Right now we are working on new songs and we aim to produce an album for may 2017, which we plan to release in autumn 2017.

Maria Zurbriggen,
Romaine Müller,
Rebecca Graven,
Elia Zurbriggen,
Pirmin Zurbriggen,
Joel Müller