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“I sung of Chaos and Eternal Night, Taught by the heav'nly Muse to venture down The dark descent, and up to reascend...”
― John Milton, Paradise Lost

Could there be a more fitting backdrop than Oslo in November, time of laden skies and darkness, for the fortuitous meeting of Rob McVey and Sivert Høyem?

The enigmatic pair – formerly of Marianne Faithfull’s band and cult outfit Madrugarda, respectively - quickly recognised in each other (one might say as though through a glass, darkly) a shared ambition rooted in a deep and burning passion; the desire to make real music. Music without pretence or artifice. Music that speaks straight to the dark, hidden depths in us all. A long night of excess followed, at the end of which McVey and Høyem made an inspired decision: They would make music together, striving for a return to the visceral power and raw emotion of the artists who inspired them.

With the line-up completed by Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey), the three began writing music that flouted the polished, over-hyped, media-machine model of the modern age, and so Paradise was conceived. Theirs is a sound that aspires to destruction, that strives to inject explosive performance into a world they believe must be wrecked, ravaged and – ultimately – reinvigorated. Referencing early Led Zeppelin and Doors, later Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and taking in Springsteen, Hendrix and REM on the way, their manifesto is simple; to bring honesty, truth and beauty to their music and to give the audience their all - blood, sweat, and ultimately, release.