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Kodaline I Sarah Connor I Hudson Taylor I Max Prosa
Kodaline I Sarah Connor I Hudson Taylor I Max Prosa
Zermatt Unplugged, Zermatt:

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Marquee Stage :

It is a privilege to welcome Kodaline as the opening act of Zermatt Unplugged. The Irish alternative rock band is currently working on their third studio album. It had canceled all concerts in Europe on short notice, including Zurich. Zermatt, however, stands. The recently released song Brother has you anticipating what’s coming up. With the albums Coming Up for Air (2013) and In a Perfect World (2015), the Kodaline wave made a splash Switzerland. The intimate acoustic concert at Zermatt Unplugged promises a harmonious start full of exciting discoveries from their new work of art.

The Alex :

Sarah Connor, the German-American musician: She has been in business for over 15 years, even scores points overseas, was showered with prizes, is the mother of four children. And then this: Inspired by a singing experiment on TV, the soul musician suddenly turns from English to German and a serious new artistry emerges on the scene. With her eighth studio album Muttersprache, the artist has set standards and likely surprised herself most. After her tour, which was even extended in the spring of 2017, she allowed herself a family break and is now back with an exclusive set: Muttersprache live and acoustic.

Vernissage :

The Dublin duo Hudson Taylor are the brothers Harry and Alfie of the same name. Their folk-pop has been buzzing about the world for a few years and utterly delights. The fan base emerged as they grew in size, like in their DNA. Playing music at home, on a family vacation on the beach, on the street corner, in pubs – it dawned on the brothers that they have something to give the world. They put their acoustic songs on YouTube and ignited a huge response. Kodaline, Jake Bugg or the Rollings Stones show them the stages of the world. The management of Hozier takes them under its wings. Wherever Hudson Taylor are, it is the most original way to make music and take people along. There is Dublin.

Alex :

Singer-songwriter Max Prosa is the face of the Zermatt Unplugged 2018 campaign. His appearance as support of Clueso made him known in the German-speaking world. Since then a steadily growing fan base has followed the work of the young artist, who unabashedly narrates the story of poetry and music with such a fresh take, it’s as if Bob Dylan or Rio Reiser had never existed. Max Prosa is on tour in Switzerland in 2018. The concept promises a return to the core: Max Prosa, his lyrics, his instrument – all to himself.