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Venoge Festival/Penthalaz
Vernier sur RockVernier / Geneva
Vernier sur Rock/Vernier / Geneva
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Les DocksLausanne
Les Docks/Lausanne
Emili Sandé I The Kooks I Wintershome
Emili Sandé I The Kooks I Wintershome
Zermatt Unplugged, Zermatt:

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Scottish soul and RnB singer Emeli Sandé is in a class of her own – a grande dame inspired by Nina Simone, Joni Mitchell or Lauryn Hill. When she made her debut in 2011 with the song Heaven, she had already helped many well-known musicians become world-famous with her songwriting. Understatement or versatile talent, a scientific career had always been as important to Sandé as music. There was no stopping the response to her first album. The album Our Version of Events reached # 1 on the UK charts. She performed unplugged at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games in London. The album Long Live the Angels followed in 2016. The creativity of Sandé seems to feed on an inexhaustible source. It is never used up. It is always unusual. And highly esteemed in Switzerland.

The Alex :

When the Kooks hear their debut album Inside In / Inside Out from 2004 in a quiet moment, they can hardly grasp the freedom and innocence they had to work with. The debut has inspired a whole generation of bands that came after them. The album Konk even topped their debut. The Kooks soared with an international takeoff: opening act of the Rolling Stones, 5-platinum, best British act at the MTV Europe Music Awards. They steered their ship through the waves of rock’n’roll life. The band is on their Best-Of Tour since 2017. And hence the best opportunity to experience the pure guitar rock of the Kooks live and then acoustically.

Vernissage :

For more than six years, the Zermatt folk-pop formation Wintershome has been enchanting with its lightness and lively musicality. It feeds on a friendly-family cohesion, a deep attachment to nature, and the great naturalness with which they are together and make music. The band has long since crossed Zermatt’s borders. They have delighted as support for Texas or at Zermatt Unplugged Kaufleuten. Wintershome’s debut album will be released in April 2018. American producer Ryan Hadlock took a liking to their demo recordings and made it possible for Wintershome to record the album in Seattle at Bear Creek Studio where musicians like The Lumineers and Joe Cocker were already working on their recordings.