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Venoge Festival/Penthalaz
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Vernier sur Rock/Vernier / Geneva
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Les DocksLausanne
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Norah Jones I Selah Sue I Dabu Fantastic I Brett Dennen
Norah Jones I Selah Sue I Dabu Fantastic I Brett Dennen

Zermatt Unplugged, Zermatt:

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Marquee Stage :

When the legendary New York label “Blue Note” launched the album Come Away With Me in 2002, the CEO sweated blood and tears. That was a new line of music, a real experiment: “Jazz informed” it was called. There were even influences of country. The 23-year-old musician Norah Jones was still completely unknown, the album her debut. But such a talent, such artistic singularity, this face, that voice, and then the myth Ravi Shankar, which flowed in her veins. In short, the album took in eight Grammys. The incredible triumph of Norah Jones began. She sold over 47 million albums worldwide. Her appearance at Zermatt Unplugged is one of the highlights of the festival’s young history. Norah Jones performs an intimate set with Brian Blade on drums and Christ Thomas on bass.

The Alex :

It’s an interesting time for Belgian musician Selah Sue to accept the invitation to Zermatt Unplugged. The release of her second album Reason, which reached # 9 on the charts in Switzerland, was some time ago. The years prior were marked by the rise of Selah Sue, whose artistic expression of dark and light, hard and soft, and not least because of her unmistakable rough voice has turned everyone’s head, including Prince. In 2016 it became quiet around the Raggamuffin Queen, who was still seen on stage performing while very pregnant. Her reappearance makes many hearts beat faster.

Vernissage :

Dabu Fantastic are “in löv with Wallis”, and Zermatt Unplugged is “in löv with Dabu Fantastic” and since 2012 at that when the band from the Zurich Oberland (highlands) went unplugged to the mountain in Zermatt. Alluding to their successful album Drinks, at this year’s festival edition they will perform an exclusive acoustic session called Softdrinks, music without samples and electronics. There you’ll be able to tap your feet and listen with a (soft) drink in your hand to the stories about Angelina, Ugly or Gang Jetz.

Sunnegga Session :

“Hello Friends and Ski Bums” is the welcoming for us from American folk-pop musician and singer-songwriter Brett Dennen on his homepage. My God, he really means us! Naturally. Brett was one of the first artists of Zermatt Unplugged in 2007. He did not forget Zermatt. Performing in mountain villages, skiing as much as possible, Brett Dennen has made it his life. His style, which is compared to that of Bob Dylan, Jack Johnson or Paul Simon, fits perfectly with the festival. The environment and a laid-back lifestyle are close to the heart of the artist. Zermatt Unplugged is pleased to be able to offer Brett Dennen a very special wintry setting at the Sunnegga Sessions.