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Montreux Jazz FestivalMontreux
Montreux Jazz Festival/Montreux
Montreux Jazz FestivalMontreux
Montreux Jazz Festival/Montreux
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Estivale Open Air/Estavayer-Le-Lac
Magic NightZofingen
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Jack Savoretti I Jake Bugg I Blanco White I Albin Lee Meldau
Jack Savoretti I Jake Bugg I Blanco White I Albin Lee Meldau

Zermatt Unplugged, Zermatt:

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The adoration for Jack Savoretti knows no borders. As early as 2016, the singer-songwriter was a guest at Zermatt Unplugged and played the stage of The Alex. After his success story Written in Scars in 2015, with which Savoretti had already drawn wider recognition, the successor Sleep No More achieved highest esteem internationally. Emotional songwriting without any kitsch and this timbre: who can resist that? In spring 2018, Jack Savoretti performs at the Acoustic Nights Live Tour in Italy and graces a small Swiss village on the Italian border called Zermatt.

The Alex :

Jake Bugg on Solo World Acoustic Tour means Zermatt Unplugged is not to be missed. The British artist is not even in his mid twenties and has already released four albums, including the eponymous debut Jake Bugg. All albums orbited at the top of the UK charts. Other countries followed. People initially thought of a resurrection, particularly in the UK. Bugg seemed to have just embodied the 60s. But even with all the love for the good old days, Bugg didn’t get started to meet the expectations of romantics. His tour around the world is therefore like a test run for what rock means today. If anybody can find out, it’s this willful young man from Nottingham.

Vernissage :

A musician from Gothenburg took on the great international stage two years ago. His songs, its depth, his voice and pain – it all starts where our words end. The artist is called Albin Lee Meldau. He sang in churches, at weddings, at funerals, on the street, before appearing solo. In 2016 he won the Anchor Award of the Reeperbahn Festival for Best Young Artist. It is a special pleasure for Zermatt Unplugged to be his first Swiss host.

Sunnegga Session :

Blanco White is the name of the solo project of the London guitar virtuoso and singer-songwriter Josh Edwards. In his touching songs Edwards integrates Andalusian and Latin-American influences with which the British musician has always been intensely involved. He studied guitar in the Spanish Càdiz and the Charango in Sucre/Bolivia. Blanco White’s album Colder Heavens has been streamed a million times on Spotify. Listening to his music in the silence of the mountain surroundings of Sunnegga promises moments of great beauty and intimacy.

After Party :

They got to know each other at a vodka bar in Berlin: Holger and Hannes from the music project AKA AKA and the trumpeter Thalstroem. They were immediately fascinated by the common artistic vision. Their debut album Varieté featuring a mid-tempo house style and deep minimalism climbed to # 1 on’s sales charts and held the position for weeks. First and foremost, the trio sees itself as a live act and not only plays host to Berlin clubs of distinction but also international festivals.