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Venoge Festival/Penthalaz
Vernier sur RockVernier / Geneva
Vernier sur Rock/Vernier / Geneva
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Les DocksLausanne
Les Docks/Lausanne
Jessi J I Mighty Oaks I Festum I Amber Run I Klingande
Jessi J I Mighty Oaks I Festum I Amber Run I Klingande

Zermatt Unplugged, Zermatt:

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Marquee Stage :

A laugh, the grip of guitar strings, that voice. It is so incredibly easy to fall head over heels in love with her, and from the first moment on. We are talking about Lianne La Havas, the English folk and soul singer. Stevie Wonder is her fan. She had Prince at her feet. Lianne La Havas played in front of over two million people last year. With her soulful performance she inspired the audience of the sold-out Stravinski auditorium at Montreux Jazz last year. The surroundings of the Zermatt Unplugged Marquee stage, which Lionel Richie compared to a temple, is the perfect setting for this young and unique world-class artist.

The Alex :

Mighty Oaks have a favorite audience: it’s their fans in Switzerland. If it had been surprised by anything, then it was the concert in Zurich: “They completely flipped out! That was so amazing,” singer Ian Hooper told Berlin radio station, Radio 1, on record. Although the young band is astonished, it’s really not that astonishing that their debut album Howl went high up in the Swiss charts. The way the Mighty Oaks celebrate their songs on stage and sing of freedom, adventure, wanderlust and love makes their concerts an especially unique event that opens the heart and caresses the soul.

Vernissage :

Amber Run, a British band as guest at Zermatt Unplugged, has what it takes to become the festival band in 2018. Why? Wherever they appear, whether in a church, in the stairwell, in any spontaneous session, the band, which was celebrated as a major discovery of the British independent scene in 2014, explores the space with great intimacy, curiosity, and empathy and fills it with its polyphonic melody and an unusually open and inspired songwriting that seems to know no bounds.

Sunnegga Session :

Where should he go with his positive vibes, his musicality, and his fighter’s heart? On stage? Should he make a career of it? Fetsum has no time for such questions. Born as an Eritrean refugee in Egypt, stranded in Stuttgart via Rome, he found his home in the “Circle of Friends”, which also includes Max Herre. Fetsum became festival director of the PxP festival in Berlin. The proceeds went to refugee aid. Fetsum wants to bring people together. He also does that through his music: folksy pop songs that feed on a variety of influences. The evening on Sunnegga belongs entirely to him and his audience.

After Party :

The French music project Klingande has produced Jubel, a piece that gets people all over the world on their feet and ready to dance. Prior to founding Klingande in 2012, when Cédric Steinmyller was still in a duo with Edgar Catry, DJ business was busy until the two students started producing songs. Since the mega-hit with Jubel Steinmyller jets around the globe and is a welcomed guest at festivals. He calls the Klingande style melodic house. It’s inspired by Swedish DJs like Avicii or the Swedish House Mafia. At Zermatt Unplugged he integrates instrumental deposits live into his DJ set.