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Voix De FêteGenève
Voix De Fête/Genève
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Festival Antigel/Geneva
Charlie Winston / support band : Tom Baxter
Les Docks, Lausanne :

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The first single from the forthcoming album is “The Weekend”. An uplifting, fun and summer song that speaks to how on the weekend we all transform into someone different from our day-to-day working existence. Square 1 is an expression that refers to going back to the beginning. The origins of a simpler and more pure time. It’s about remembering the essence of what was great and allowed the freedom to create. The result of that mental place is this Album Square 1, due for release next Autumn.

Support band :
Tom Baxter

It's an album to remind you that, as artists ebb and flow in the public consciousness, it's hard to find many who can steal a march on Baxter. Legions of fans have been waiting for 'The Other Side of Blue' with great anticipation, and in a moment of reflection Tom sums up where he's been, and where he's going.

“If you wonder what I may have been doing over the last ten years, well the answers are in the riddles of these two records,” he says. “But it’s important to note that they are also only fragments of my life. I’m probably much like you, spending most of my time trying to work out what living is really about, appreciating what I have and making plenty of mistakes to learn from along the way.”

The Other Side of Blue is released 17th August via the Orchard